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Hydrostatic Oil Tools, Inc.

With over 300 years of combined oilfield experience, Hydrostatic Oil Tools is one of the most well-diversified service companies in the industry. We pride ourselves in having not only a variety of downhole tools, but also one of the largest fleets of test trucks in the business.

Our success is driven by our greatest asset, our personnel. Our employees are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to make us one of the leading independent service companies in our area. With backgrounds coming from Baker Oil Tools, Haliburton Energy Services, Schlumberger, Loomis International, NL Mcullough, and Tri State Oil Tools, our personnel experience is unsurpassed.

Safety is always our number one objective at Hydrostatic Oil Tools. Our people are like family and we believe that safety in the workplace is of utmost importance and our safety record proves our dedication to this key principal.

We look forward to serving your testing and downhole tool needs and will strive to give you the best service possible as we have in the past. With your continued support, we hope to continue to grow so that we can provide you the quality products and services you deserve.

Billy W. Pharr, President Hydrostatic Oil Tools, Inc.

Devin Dew, Vice President

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