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Oilfield Tools

Production Tools

  • Downhole Production Packers
  • Tubing Anchor Catchers
  • Profile Nipples
  • Pump out Plugs and Glass Disc Subs

Service Tools

  • Tension and Compression Squeeze Packers
  • Tubing Set and Wireline Set Retrievable Plugs
  • Cementing Manifolds and Tubing Swivels
  • Cement Retainers, Tubing and Wireline Set

Drill Out Equipment

  • Power Swivels
  • Drill Collars and Bits
  • Bailers and Accessories


  • Hydrostatic Bailers
  • Bulldog Pump Bailers

Torque Equipment

  • Nipple Up and Down BOP Stacks
  • Nipple Up and Down Frac Stacks
  • Hydraulic Stack Lift Units
  • Casing Cut Saws

downhole tools