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Oilfield Testing Services

Blowout Preventer (BOP) Testing

Using the latest equipment, our highly trained rig site professionals offer a full range of BOP installation and inspection services, including regularly scheduled field testing and testing after maintenance of BOP stack. Our team of experienced testing specialists provides faster installation, helps confirm well performance and mitigates risks to promote a well-controlled rig environment.

  • 15,000-pound BOP Units with Plugs and Pump in Subs
  • 3,000-pound to 15,000-pound Chart Recorders

Cased Hole Fishing Services

Hydrostatic Oil Tools' large collection of fishing systems and tools, and our industry-leading fishing knowledge remove wellbore obstructions safely and efficiently, greatly reducing the cost associated with down hole problems. Our decades of field experience and continuous tool engineering result in innovative solutions to the problems that impede production and interrupt operations.

  • Rod and Tubing Overshots
  • Tubing and Casing Spears
  • Tubing and Casing Inside and Outside Cutters
  • Washpipe and Burning Shoes
  • Mills – Flat Bottom, String, and Tapered
  • Impression Blocks and Magnets
  • Crossover Subs From 1" to 10 3/4"

Tubing Testing

Hydrostatic Oil Tools offers safe and efficient hydrostatic pressure testing of tubing and well head equipment, such as fracking stacks, well heads, BOP’s and holding pressure on wire lines, lubricators and snubbing units.

  • 15,000-pound Hydraulic Tubing Testing Units

Vacuum Trucks

We have six 70 barrel vacuum trucks with pressure pumps, and two tanker trucks ready to provide transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials, liquids, solids, and sludges.

  • 130-barrel Transports
  • 70-barrel Bobtails
  • Kill Trucks with Triplex Pumps
  • KCL and Packer Fluids
  • Commercial Disposal System

Vacuum Truck